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name=Rifqi Thefi Fauzi
date=1 Feb 2016

Greetings my brothers,
This is not suggestion but this is apologize from thinking Muslims, we're sorry about what happen 563 years ago, when Mehmet II conquered Constantinople and oppress your Orthodox Christian people :'(
That was our shameful and sinful history, and we're not proud at all. And when he transforming the great cathedral Agia Sofia into a mosque, that was not reflecting Islam, that was not the right way.
So we're sorry about that shameful tragedy of ours :'( And we hope someday we'll return that Agia Sofia to you Orthodox Christian.
We're sorry and I'm sorry

name=Bernie Robbins
date=7 Nov 2015

Excellent narrative; well done!

date=12 May 2015

Excellent site, the world should learn more about the contribution of Byzantium to the european civilization (Christian religion, Roman laws, Greek philosophy)

name=Adrian Bill
date=6 Jan 2014

You have to change your colored glasses when you deal with the history of Epirus. Suliot uprising against the Ottomans was not a Greek struggle, it was an Albanian uprising. Suliots joined Greeks late, and that because they had no other allies. If some eventually identified as Greek that's another story.

date=21 May 2013
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name=Damaskinos Monachos
country=Mount Athos
date=19 May 2013
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date=25 Sept 2012

Dear All,
Im from Aintab. My name is Volkan. Im inspecting your website. I think there is so many interesting informations. History is important and must be knows by everybody. In this country the history written in a different way. Your website explain everything on the other angle. If you look at opposites perspectives you can find different things.
Novadays this country trying to come face to face with his history. But everybody need to know the truth. But as you know the truth is just with you.
On the other hands i want to know you. Who you are and where do you live ? your job. Your life. Your sufferings come from the past.

date=3 June 2012

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name=An Gauchet
date=13 Dec 2011
Good afternoon from Lyon in France,

I was making a research on the "Greek Empire", when I found your website.
I was totally ignorant of the persecution of Greeks by the Turks and had no idea of what the Greeks actually endured. Thank you for putting this website online, I was able to learn a whole part of your history that I never knew existed, since I was only 7 years old in 1955...
I am fluent in both French & English, but not in Greek, which is a language I never studied... so, I don't know what some of your videos show or say, although with others, there are subtitles and it's easy to see what happens by the photographs.

Again, I just wanted to thank you as I learnt about the Greeks what I had never learnt until this afternoon.

With kind regards
Mrs A Gauchet, Lyon, France

name= Marianna
date=14 Nov 2011
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date=21 Sep 2011
You have a fantastic site. My only suggestion would be to drop the words "Byzantium" and "Byzantine" after the introduction, and go back to what the enemies of the empire of the Greeks called it, namely The Empire of the Greeks; and its inhabitants either Greeks or Romans (rum) and what Western people in the Middle Ages called it, namely The Empire of the Greeks, and its people Greeks or Romans; and what its historians called it, namely The Empire of the Greeks, and its people either Greeks or Romans. I would just use The Empire of the Greeks instead of "Byzantium" and Greeks instead of "Byzantines" throughout the site. Best, .
See my website at

name=Onoufrios Gorozidis
date=26 May 2011
Konstandinoupoli is a Greek City my Father Was Borne the Suburban of GALATA KONSTANDINOULOLIS 1915 My Granfather Onoufrios Gorozidis was Born MATSOUKA PONTOS left his home village at the age 7 To Joint his Uncle Onoufrios Gorozidis as a apprentice to be come a Mattress Technician to be come a Merchandising warehouse emporium those days they were a large Business in that CITY -
Mark my ward the city will fall in GREEK hands Again even the TURKS believe that it was written by GOD

date=15 Apr 2011
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name=oguz tolga
date=17 Mar 2011
In last 5 years some of Armenian falsifications have been proved by the scientists and historians...
1.Hitler's speach was a lie.Nurenberg trials took it under record.
2.Vereshagin's 1840s painting of skulls was used as armenian skulls.
3.Aarmenian population in 1914 and 1922 according to the USA records was 2.200.000 and 3.300.000 after war 4.Mr.Morgenthau's diary was completelt written by his armenian Secretary
5.Bue Book has been written for propoganda only by the British government and the Brits have apologized for the book in 1930s.
6.40 days in Moses Mountain aswell
7.All have been written by Toynbee were manufactured for propoganda against the Ottomans including Blue book and 40days in Moses Mountain and others..
8.The crying Armenian boy and the Turkish soldier fake photo
9.Mustafa Kemal and Liarmenian boy under his leg was a fake photo
10.Mr.Kacaznuni's book of confessions about Genocide .
11.Yerevan Museum has no even a single original document in .
12.Closed armenian arcieves are still closed in Boston and yerevan.
13.Joint commission for the armenian genocide is a strong fear of Mr.sarkissian
14.There are no mass graves found in Der Zor Syria since 1915..
15.There are no mass graves in Anatolia no eyewithnesses no documents nothing.
16.Talat Pasha's telegram has been written 15 years after his dead by an armenian Aram Andonian.
Dear sir,
I would like to know if you have new decisions or ideas about this issue.

I hope to hear from you soon,sir.
Very respectfully yours..

name=Sal Mustafa
date=24 Aug 2010
I suggest that who ever wrote this story must be a Greek that got the story wrong from another Greek and should correct it , no one have the rite authority to alter the history , the Greek's are known to lie to make everything look good for them , but any one with there mined nows better
date=14 Feb 2010
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date=7 Feb 2010
For this well-conceived account of the fall of Constantinople, I am grateful; and I thank you

name=Mary Thompson
date=18 Dec 2009
We have been learning about Europe and the political and religious tensions that happened in the past as well as current tensions. We have been discusses Mount Athos and its uniqueness I found it to be a great resource during my research,

name=Ali Tamer Gezmis
date=18 Dec 2009
You can keep your filthy fairy tales for yourself. We Muslims are not the rapers and the robbers like you are. Istanbul was freed from the Christian terror and the people were happy because of the return of justice. Your leaders terrorized your own people. What a pity for the those who your lies. The Greeks killed the pregnant Muslim women by sword into their stomachs. You degraded yourself in a manner that could be only seen from the polytheists before. That is why you lost and lose. Today you become worse because you cooperate with the polytheists who make men and cows to gods against the Muslims who believe that Jesus is among the most noble of the messengers of Allah. You are not aware in which deep hole of hell fire you drop yourself. The only way to save yourself from eternal Hellfire is to repent to Allah and turn to Islam.

The victory of Islam will be completed although you dont want it.
There is only Allah that has the right to worshipped.
And there is only Muhammad to be followed for this.
I told you the truth. So I am not guilty of your sins.
Islam is the only religion that will be accepted on judgement day.
Islam is the only religion that is pure monotheism.

Peace be upon those who follows the guided way.
The Truthteller.

name=Melvin G. Brewster Ph.D.
date=11 Sept 2009
I was doing research on the Genocide committed upon early European Earth (White Skinned) Spirituality People and located your site. Very sad that when the circle returned to Christians in particular areas during the 19th and 20 th centuries or call it KARMA returned.
Genocide by anyone, Christian or Muslims and so forth during the 19th and 20th, and 21st centuries is very sad and pitiful indeed. In America e.g., over 50 million Indigenous People were murdered by Christians.
Dr. Brewster
Melvin G. Brewster Ph.D.
P. I. Applied Social Scientist
Culture Historian
UA/Native Heritage Studies & Liaison

name=Ghulam Ahmad Eqbal
date=15 August 2009
Constantinople is a center of world ideas e living exaple of what human civilizations has offered to global causes, problems and prospects. Its good to have videow and pictures slides all beamed to roots of globalism , a mission that modern turkey can and must play in modern asisa.

name=claude lopez
date=15 August 2009
I took the liberty of publishing your text on my blog and I corrected a few typos. Here is the corrected text. ( It will appear tomorrow morning together with a text about the theft of religious property in Cyprus.

Yours in Christ,
Claude Lopez-Ginisty
( I am a Russian Orthodox)

name=George Mougios
date=3 July 2009
The year was 1970. I and my wife to be, Ellen Michelsen, visited Greece for the Ahepa Convention. I somehow decided to take a plane to Istanbul. This was unlikely of me as I had a fear of flying. When we arrived in Instambul we made a visit to Aghia Sophia. While we were all in a single file line encased with a velvet rope. I decided to escape under the rope and enter the center of the church. I started to chant, "Soson Kurie ton Laon Sou" or Save Lord this thy people and bless thine inheritance"

I looked at the crowd I left and saw fear all over there faces, they feared for my safety. I was immediately surrounded by several Turkish officers. The leader asked me " Are you a Greek from Greece or a Greek from America?" I replied, I am a Greek from America. He took on a comical air and replied, "Oh, you Greeks from America are more fanatical than the Greeks from Greece. We should like to give you a private tour of Aghia Sophia.''

I was aware that he wanted to get me away from the crowd and I obliged him but what I was about to see shocked me forever.

I and my fiance were accopmpanied by a guide who spoke English flently. The first thing I notice was a large marble column with the fingerprints of a hand embedded in the ivory. I remembered the stories of how the Turks entered the Church where Greek women, men and children entered seeking sanctuary. I inquired of my guide and he replied that was a mistake of one of the contractors. I said, "Come on now, in this beautiful edifice, they are going to leave a flaw like that? I told him my version of events and he admitted that's what the Greeks say.

Next, against the wall of the church with two columns in front of the space, my wife felt a cold draft on what was a very hot day in August. When we inquired, our guide told us that's where the Patriarch was hung.'

There are many such stories yet our church fathers in America fail to relate them to us. It has been many years that my experinces took place, 1970, and many Greeks have visited Aghia Sophia but I read no reports as mine.

Why are Greeks keeping secrets from Greeks which could inspire them and elevated their faith in Orthodoxy?
I wish someone would write me that reads this letter and gives me a clue.

name=Alexander Hamilton Dounas-Frazer
date=9 June 2009
Thank you for your detailed account of Greece's freedom. I was wondering if any of you could tell me the title of a movie I used to watch at my yiayia's when I was growing up. It was most likely black and white, but maybe early color and it showed the Greek Revolution, including a scene of the Souliotisses dancing at Zalongo. It was a really great film, and I can't find it as my yiayia can no longer remember the title. My email is Thanks again for your hard work and helping to ensure our history is not forgotten. - Alexandros Dounas

name=Maria Giacobone Carballo
date=3 June 2009
Thanks!!! May God keep you in the palm of his hand. Maria

name=ali ertem
date=20 Apr 2009
Verein der Volkermordgegner e.V. Frankfurt

Lasst uns am Volkermordmahnmal eine Blume niederlegen!

Der Verein der Volkermordgegner (SKD) ruft seine Mitglieder, seine Freundinnen und Freunde und jene turkischen Staatsburger auf, die sich der historischen Tatsachen bewusst sind, sich mit den Volkermordopfern und ihren Nachkommen zu solidarisieren. Er ruft sie alle auf, an Gedenkfeierlichkeiten teilzunehmen, in der Turkei und im Ausland, in Armenien und Griechenland und uberall, wo sie stattfinden.

Um der Volkermordopfer der armenischen, griechischen und suryo-aramaischen Volker zu gedenken, ihre Trauer und das Leid zu teilen, die durch den Genozid entstanden ist, lasst uns eine Blume niederlegen!

Um unsere Trauer und Scham uber die Verleugnung des Volkermordes durch die bisherigen Regierungen der Turkischen Republik auszudrucken, lasst uns eine Blume niederlegen!

Lasst uns eine Blume niederlegen, damit der turkische Staat den Volkermord vom 24. April 1915 anerkennt, die Opfervolker um Verzeihung bittet und den daraus resultierenden Verpflichtungen nachkommt und alle Hindernisse vor Frieden und Volkerfreundschaft beseitigt!

1915 Soykirimi Kurbanlarini anmak, Ermeni, Suryani ve Helen komsularimizin soykirimdan duyduklari uzuntu ve acilarini paylasmak icin bir gul birakalim...

Bugune kadarki butun Turkiye Cumhuriyeti hukumetlerinin soykirimi inkar etmesinden duydugumuz uzuntu ve utancimizi ifade etmek icin bir gul birakalim...

Turkiye Cumhuriyeti nin 1915 soykirimini kabul etmesi, soykirim magduru halklardan ozur dilemesi, soykirimdan kaynaklanan yukumluluklerini yerine getirmesi, barisin ve dostlugun onundeki engellerin kaldirmasi icin bir gul birakalim... Alexandros Stefanopoulos
date=25 Mar 2009
date=22 Jan 2009

name=Dimitris Bibicos
date=12 Jan 2009
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date=21 Dec 2008
Votre peine est aussi la ntre, ce fut celle de mes anctres tous originaires d'Aretsou (Constantinople).

name= Athanasia
date=16 Dec 2008
You state: "Meanwhile US is bombing Serbia (for not having closed with the same way the case of Albanian minority)." I did not/do not support the bombing of any country. You forget, however, that the Serbs were the originators of the Macedonian issue. Greece has no friends - it is surrounded by enemies. The Greeks should always keep that in mind.

name= Reha Mustecaplioglu
date=16 Dec 2008
BASKIN ORAN (Arivi) Osmanlnn alfabesini bile reddeden bu lke, Osmanlnn bu en byk gnahna sahip kmasn artk. Yetti Evet, birounuzu huzursuz ettik, zr dileriz. nk bayramn hemen ardndan internette imzaya alacak olan u metni hazrladk: 1915de Osmanl Ermenilerinin maruz kald Byk Felkete duyarsz kalnmasn, bunun inkr edilmesini vicdanm kabul etmiyor. Bu adaletsizlii reddediyor, kendi payma Ermeni kardelerimin duygu ve aclarn paylayor, onlardan zr diliyorum.

Gelen hakaret ve/veya tehdit mesajlaryla bayramdan sonra mahkemelerimiz ilgilenecek. Bu meselenin Ermenilik veya Trklk deil, nsanlk meselesi olduunu anlamayanlar da ilgim d. Fwd tuuna basp yollanan maket mesaj yle diyor: Gerekten bir Trk olarak atalarmza, vatandalarmza yaplan bu katliamlar grmezden gelen vicdanlarnz rahat m? Bir bakas aynen: [ldrlen Trklerle] bir kan banz olduunu da unutmaynz. Bu zihniyetin ksa vadede onmas mmkn deil. Onun iin bendeniz bu yazy temelde bir vicdan tayan insanlarn duyduu huzursuzlukla ilgili olarak yazdm sadece: Kabul ediyorum, 1915te zc olaylar yaanmtr ama bu tek tarafl deildir. Soykrm hi deildir. Eer karlkl zr dilenecek ise ben varm. Bir dieri: Soykrm demekten vazgesinler, elin usu busu meseleden elini eksin, ben o zaman zorunlu tehcir iin Ermeni kardelerimden her platformda zr dilerim. Ermeni olaylar bir genocide deildir, znt verecek katliamlardr. Olmad m, oldu. Ama bize de oldu.

Ermeniler de Mslmanlar ldrd Temelde doru. Ben bunu Tanak yaynlarna (Armenian Weekly, Asbarez, vd.) Temmuz 2008de verdiim rportajda syledim (ayrca bkz. Radikal, 17-20 A. 2008). Tabii, ne lde karlkl olduu biraz tartmal. Bu tartmaya nce toplu ldrme kavramn tahlille balayalm. Dnya yznde bu temel biimde olmutur: Durum I: Bir devlet iindeki farkl gruplar/halklar birbirini ldrr. zc olmakla birlikte bu durum izah edilebilir bir durumdur. Durum II: Bir devletin halk yabanc bir devlet tarafndan ldrlr. Bu da izah edilebilir bir durumdur ve normalde sava ad altnda vuku bulur. Durum III: Bir devlet kendi aznlk grubunu/halkn bizzat ldrr veya ldrlmesine gz yumar. te bunun izah edilebilecek taraf olamaz. nk Devlet denilen kurumun tek bir varlk nedeni vardr: Vatandan lmden korumak. imdi devam edelim. Aznlk Ermenilerin de ounluk Mslmanlar/Trkleri ldrd grld. farkl dnemde:

1) 19. yzyln son eyreinde. yle: 1806-1847 aras isyan eden Krt beylikleri datlnca muazzam bir otorite boluu dodu. Kabak, dorudan Dou Anadolu Ermenilerinin bana patlad: O zamana kadar her yl altn yumurta (hara) toplamakla yetinen beyler yok olunca Krtler tavuu kestiler yani blge ekonomisinin yegne direi Ermenileri yamalamaya ve ldrmeye baladlar. 93 Harbinin azdrd Gvurun mal helldir ortamnda, bu yamaya bir de eyh amilin 1859da Rusyaya yenilmesinin ardndan Anadoluya perperian gelen Kafkas mltecileri katlacaktr. Devlet oral olmad nk zaten 1839 Tanzimatn gayrimslimleri eit ilan etmesinin byk tepki yaratt bir ortamda Mslmana kar gayrimslimin haklarn savunacak deildi. Tuzu kuru stanbul Ermenileri ve Patrikhane de kulaklarn tkad. Sonunda, D. Anadolu Ermenileri canlarnn aresine silahlanarak baktlar. lk Mslman ldrmesi budur. Yani, Durum I. Tabii, devlet basks altndaki bir gayrimslim aznlk, Halifenin ynettii Devlet desteindeki Mslman ounluku ne kadar ldrebilirse, o kadar. Bunun ne kadar mukatele, yani karlkl olduunun takdiri size ait. Ama en hafif yorum herhalde u: Millet-i Sadka durup dururken patlamad. Dahas, Devlet bu atmay engellemedii oranda, Emperyalizm enfes bir mdahale olana yakalad. Olay bundan sonra Durum Iden derhal Durum IIIe dnecektir, nk kendi sebep olduu Bat mdahalesinden rken Abdlhamit, Krtleri Hamidiye Alaylar adyla Dou Ermeni kyleri zerine gnderecektir. Aynen, 5 Numaral Diyarbakr Asker Cezaevinin yaratt PKKya kar devreye sokulan Hizbullah ve Ky Korucular gibi.

2) Birinci Dnya Savann sonunda. 1915 yaplp bitirilmi, Anadolu Ermenilerden temizlenmitir. Ermenistan Ermenileri intikama giriirler: Durum II. Kazm Karabekir Paa hemen mdahale edecektir.

3) 1973-1985. ASALA 43 Trk diplomatn katleder. Amac, unutulmu 1915e dikkatleri ekmektir. eker de. Trkiye bata, herkes 1915i ilk defa renir.

Gelelim 1915e 1915 ise tam tamna bir Durum III. Bu nedenle de rezaletin son perdesi. Ruslara yardm etmemeleri, orduyu arkadan vurmamalar iin cepheyi temizledik diye kendimizi aldatmayalm hi. Kastamonu ve Bursa da m Rus cephesiydi? Ya Tekirda ve Edirne? ttihat Terakkinin Derin Devleti olan Tekilat- Mahsusann katilleri Ermeni vatandalarn Trakyadan bile kaldrp Suriye llerine, yani sava cephesine srd. Kadn ve ocuklar da m orduyu arkadan vuruyordu? Birka bin komitacy vurmak yerine Anadolunun 1,5 milyon Ermenisi etnik-dinsel temizlie uratld. Brakn ldrldler mi yoksa yolda souktan m ldleri. Tek eye bakn: Anadolunun bu otokton (yerli) insanlar elli be bin kii kald bugn. Gerisi Almanyaya almaya m gitti? Btn dnya biliyor bunlar, bir tek biz duymak istemiyoruz. Geen gn Ankaradaki diplomatik evrelerde laf arasnda duydum: Yarglarnz AB hukuk uygulamasn incelemek iin davet ettik, pasaportlar olmadn rendik. ou hi yurtdna kmam. zellikle merak ediyorum e-postayla bana siyaset bilimi reten genler acaba hi yurtdna gittiler mi. Orada hi Ermenilerle konutular m. Yoksa her eyi Trkiyede tahsil alarak renme sonucu mu biliyorlar. Hey gidi, Bu kadar cehalet ancak tahsille mmkndr diyen Sakall Celal. Ermenilerle konusalar; dedeleri nereden srlmse orann kyl Trkesini kullandklar gerei dnda, bu insanlarda iki ey onlar oke edecektir:

1) Trk devletinin NKRI onlarn ulusal kimliinin tek belkemiidir;

2) Srf bu NKR yznden Soykrm kelimesi onlarn tek tatmin biimidir. Onun iindir ki imdi diasporann ahin olanlar bizim bu zr iinden pek honut deil. Hatta, bir biimde sabote etmek isteyenleri de kabilir. nk bir kere, Trkiye insanna Senin deden Naziydi!den baka hibir ey sylemeyen soykrm kullanmyoruz, bu kelimenin byk PR (halkla ilikiler) kolayl saladn kefetme ncesinde Ermenilerin kulland Metz Yeerni (Byk Felaket) kullanyoruz. kincisi, 1915 rezaleti inkr edilmeyince Ermenilerin tahrik edilme katsays dyor. Fakat bizim derdimiz deil btn bunlar. Bunlar syleyiimin tek sebebi, bizdeki tahsil almlarn ne yapmakta olduklarn kendilerine gstermek. Bizim derdimiz, sabah kalknca aynaya bakabilmek. 85 yl ge kalm bir ii artk balatmak. Devletin Ermenistanla nihayet normal ilikiye geme srecine paralel olarak Ulusun 85 yllk tahsil yznden dt bu vaziyeti sona erdirmek. Gemiimizle nihayet yzleerek zgrlemek. nk kendi gemiimle yzlemeden ben bakalarna hesap soramam. Ancak bundan sonra sorabilirim diasporann ahinlerine: Niin Ermeni komitaclarn D. Anadoluda yaptklarn kendi halknzdan sakladnz? nk benim o rportaj knca mektuplar geldi: [Yzyln son eyreinde] Ermenilerin Trkleri ldrdne dair hibir rnek hatrlayamyorum. Bu vaatler ve szlerle dolu bir dnemdi. En bata, birilerini ldrebilmeleri iin silahlanmalar lazmd ve silah falan tamyorlard. (Radikal, 19.08.08). Ulusalc kardelerim, grdnz m milliyetinin bilmesi nasl bir ey? Grdnz m tahsili? Grdnz m kendinizi Ermeni aynasnda?

zr Kltrn yerletirmek zordur imiz ok zor. nk Mslman mahallesinde salyangoz satyoruz. yle bir mahalle ki, her eyden nce zr Dileme Kltr yok; sadece Otomatik Savunmaya Geme Kltr var. Sen otururken gelir ayan ezer, brakn zr dilemeyi, hayretle baktn diye bir de suratna dik dik bakar. Asansre girer, brakn gnaydn demeyi, yznze bakmaz ve kaca kata kadar da mecburen havalar seyreder. Byle bir mahallede zr Diliyoruz. Ankaraya kaan 1915in Muhacirin Umum Mdr kr Kayay dahiliye vekili, Tehcirin nl Bitlis ve Halep valisi Abdlhalik Renday TBMM reisi yapm bir lkede. Talat Paann adn en geni bulvarlara vermi lkede. Anadolu sermayesinin Ermeni mallarna konarak olutuu bir lkede. Kurtulu Savana bu mallar geri vermemek iin katlan airetlerin lkesinde. Millet-i Hakime zihniyetinin gayrimslimleri hl ikinci snf hatta tehlikeli sayd ve hl ldrd bir lkede. Nihayet, ASALA cinayetlerine kadar btn bunlardan tek kelime duymam lke buras. Aynen, PKK saldrlarnn 1984te balamasna kadar Krt sorununu duymad gibi. Oysa, farknda msnz, zr Dileme a geldi: spanyada savc, Franco dnemini soruturmaya balad (Bianet, 17.10.08). ABD Kongresi, 1908de kazand arsklet ampiyonluu rk yasalar yznden geri alnan siyah boksr Jack Johnsondan zr dileme tasars hazrlad (Taraf, 29.09.08). ngiliz Kilisesi Darwinden zr diledi (Radikal, 16.09.08). talya, 1911-47 arasndaki smrgecilik iin Libyadan zr diledi (Radikal, 31.08.08). Kanada, 1990lara kadar sren asimilasyon politikas iin yerlilerden zr diledi (Radikal, 13.06.08). Avustralyada yeni hkmet Aborijinlerden zr diledi (Radikal, 14.02.08). Hatta srail Cumhurbakan Peres, 1956da katliam yaplan Arap ky Kfar Kaseme kurban bayramnda giderek zr diledi (Milliyet, 23.12.07). Yahu, bizde bile Adalet Bakan ahin, Engin eberin ailesinden devlet adna zr diledi (Radikal, 15.10.08). 18 Kasmda Fransada Millet Meclisi Bakan B. Accoyer tarihe karmamak gerektiini ilan etti. Le Mondeda Tarihe zgrlk isteyen Blois ars 43 lkeden 900 imzayla tam sayfa yaynland (28.11.08). Bu ary imzalayarak Fransa ve svire gibi devletlerin 1915 konusunda resm ahkm kesmesini protesto ettim. Yabanclarn ne yaptna kartktan sonra, msaade edin de kendi lkemde yaplm etnik-dinsel temizliin 85 yllk inkrnn farkna bu kadar ge varmaktan dolay olsun kendi payma bir ZR dileyeyim vatandalarmn torunlarndan. u sayede ki, benim bazlar kadar tahsilim yok, bin kr. Osmanlnn alfabesini bile reddeden bu lke, Osmanlnn bu en byk gnahna sahip kmasn artk. Yetti.

name=Equipo Argentino de Antropologia Forense, EAAF
date=6 Noem 2008
I am looking for the photographer or photographers of the pictures you have posted on your website. The pictures I am reffering to are pictures of the violent conflict in Cyprus. Our organization EAAF has worked in Cyprus identifying the remains of missing Cypriots. We would like to include some of these pictures in our annual journal. Please feel free to visit to learn more about our organization.

date=28 Jul 2008
"The Turkish troops rampage first through the Armenian quarter, and then throughout the rest of the city. They looted homes, raped women, and murdered untold thousands. Turkish soldiers were seem dousing buildings with petroleum. Soon, all but the Turkish quarter of the city was in flames and half a million refugees crowded the watefront, desperate to escape. Twenty- one allied battleships were anchored in the harbour - their captains under strict orders not to rescue the Greek and Armenian men, women, and children who were being tortured, raped, and killed before their eyes".
Paradise lost - Smyrna 1922. By Giles Milton, Perseus group books, NEW YORK.

date=28 Aug 2008
Well why don't you people do planet Earth a favor and get hit by an asteroid or something. Hypocritical bitches like you who show the cross and stab in the back make me puke. I am orthodox by the way. Keep up the hate speech it is enjoyable And thank you for desecrating a name like agia sofia with you hate. Oh yeah wish you all the best.

date=28 Jul 2008

date=28 Jul 2008
Herbert Adams Gibbons, the author of several admirable books on international affairs, was in the courtyard of the Adana Government building when the massacre of 1909 broke out, and he attests with feeling to the crimes by the Turks. No more trustworthy witness could be found than Mr. Gibbons.
I have but recently come from the interior of Turkey, where I lived eight months. With my own eyes I have seen thousands upon thousand of Greek families tramping over the snow-covered mountains of that country. I have seen groups of 3,000 to 4,000 refugees moaning, freezing, dying, with typhus, gangrene, pneumonia, starvation, insanity - mothers so weak they could not lift their dead babies from their backs where they had been strapped.
I have watched dogs and vultures eat so many bodies that I can tell now just where a dog will start on a fresh carcass for the choicest pieces, and his whole modus operandi until the bones are clean. We have pleaded with officials for mercy to the spectres that still survived to allow them to be taken to the American Hospital for treatment. Oft- times permission was refused. In any case, every refugee we did not treat had to be O.K.'d by a callous Turkish Sanitary Inspector, who had less sympathy for the patients than he would have had for a dog. He begrudged them their lives.

date=19 July 2008
What a wonderful website...we need to be reminded of the genocide of the Pontian Greek people and indeed all the Christians of Asia Minor.
God Bless you!

name=Peter Gregoropoulos
country=United States
date=5 July 2008
Every Greek and Armenian should own the movie ARARAT (DVD @ about turkish atrocities/barbarism

date=30 June 2008
I am but one Greek living in the Chicago area, yet my heart bleeds for the destruction and humiliation of Agia Sofia by the muslims in turkey.
I strongly feel one way to focus world attention to this strategy is to form a committee and organization dedicated to creating an exact replica of Agia Sofia somewhere in the United States. If I become rich...I will fund this...I can help organize the effort in the meantime.
Let me know if this is a worthy and doable goal.

date=19 June 2008
Big fish eat the smaller fish. Turks were not the only ones who signed the agreement for the exchange of populations. Greeks attacked Turkey, lost the war, and ever since you have been crying! All the Greeks in Turkey sided with the greek army? Would you have let the friend of your enemy live in your country? That would be pretty stupid, wouldn't it?
Stop crying.

name=Nikos X
date=21 May 2008
Put a picture of Isaak Solomou under your Cyprus category. Put the one where the turkish occupation army on the island kills the Greek-Cypriot freedom fighter on the flag pole.

date=12 May 2008
Ego ziya kkali temo fameliam poly paleo byzantian & har pontios ama mousulmanos ine ligo exero pontiaka Turkish assimilation very bad pola aboro ine ego pal poale menosime ego felo bapdeso esist emena yardim eftesmi ?i want learning my kulture & my lost language i need lfe in my christian popilation !
Esist emasuna enes palede ! Emasuna uca idea eftede !Emasuna eficede ebiyede ! signomi ligo exero ellinika !

name=Maryse GENEVEY
date=17 Apr 2008
Interview of Marianna Mastrostamatis, from Florent Celhay H Marianna Mastrostamatis wrote the book "Meta ta Alatsata", oi Alatsatianoi ana ton kosmo, 342 pages, published in 2007. on page 9.
Very respectfully and sincerely yours, Maria Francisca

date=7 Apr 2008
Subject: nother piece of evidence

The New York Times
July 31, 1919

Charges that Turkish officials decimated the Greek population along the Black Sea Coast by 250,000 men, women and children living between Sinop and Ordu without the shedding of blood, but by parboiling the victims in Turkish baths and turning them out half-glad to die in pneumonia or other ills in the snow of an Anatolian Winter, are made in a letter from Dr. GEORGE E. WHITE, representative of the American Committee for relief in the Near East, made public yesterday.

Dr. White said that the Province of Bafra, also where there were more than 29,000 village Greeks, now less that 13,000 survive, and every Greek settlement has been burned. The number of orphans, including some Armenian and Turkish children, in the entire district, it was said, aggregated 60,000. Since the armistice, the doctor wrote, many of the deportees have been returning to their ruined homes.

NOTE: TORTURE! MURDER! PLUNDER! Was the order of the day. This is another piece of evidence, from reliable sources, of the horrendous Turkish crimes against the Greek population of Pontos. Yet the Turks for too long now have the insolence to deny so shamelessnessly.

date=4 Apr 2008
To site sou einai eksairetika endiaferon kai ekplhktika leptomeres. dystyxws omws ysterei kata poly sth parousiash. ti 8elw na pw: epi paradeigmati, stis fwtografies pou vazeis, xrhsimopoieis ekfraseis stis lezantes opws: oi tourkoi ta zwa, o sfageas o kemal, oi barbaroi klp. ayta einai akrws peritta, gia ton aplo logo oti oi fwtografies ta lene ola. eixa parakolou8hsei perysi sto megaro mousikhs thn parousiash tou vivliou tou professor vrywnh sxetika me ta gegonota tou '55 kai '60 sth Polh, opou katelhkse thn omilia tou ws ekshs: borei polloi na amsfivhthsoun thn epixeirhmatolia mou kai ta grafomena mou en genei, omws kanenas den borei na amfisvhthsei tis fwtografies pou pare8esa sto vivlio mou.

date=25 Mar 2008
For all you Turkeys screaming out there, here are some more lies and racism for y'all, lol! Yeah, you got something to be proud of alright; and I don't mind giving it to scream some more!
The Art of Turkish Impalement: Turkish culture

date=28 Feb 2008
God bless you Fotios!
Your work is remarkable.
Thank you, Sofia

name=Memet EKICI
date=25 Feb 2008
Such a big lies, such a washed brains. After all these writtings you call us "barbaian". It is actually you are the real barbarian. Just turn around and have a look what you had done in Cyprus before the date 1973, and why Turkish Army had to rescue Turks who were living in Island Cyprus. Stop lieing and be honest.
PS: I hope you dare to publish this comments

date=13 Feb 2008

date=13 Jan 2008
I was researching "Talaat Bey" on Google and I discovered your wonderful website.
Thank you for your efforts, which provide your visitors with a wealth of facts and homage to the fallen Christians of Asia Minor. I don't have any relatives who are from Asia Minor, but I have been to Turkey, have heard their lies, and have read many books about the heartbreak and the unbelievable evils commited by the Turks to the Christians of Asia Minor. It makes my blood boil to know that a nation of Turks continues to lie about the genocides, and that even some foolish folk outside of Turkey downplay it, or deny it! I think, "God, where were you when those poor people suffered so? Why didn't you intervene? And WHY do you continue to let the Turks get away with it?!" And then I remember that Holy Scriptures says, "Vengeance is MINE, I will repay, says the LORD." That is my only consolation. God, have mercy. Well, my sentiment and feeling for those dear people is deep. And yours is too, so much so that you have dedicated this marvelous site for the world to see. Thank you so much, may God bless you!
Anna in Chicago

name=John D
date=7 Nov 2007
This is a small answer to all those (Turks) in this forum who scream every time some one reminds them the horrible crimes their fathers and forefathers committed to all other races living inside the borders of their country or outside. That proves the magnitude of ignorance of their history and they find it very offensive to learn it from outsiders.

The English politician of the 19th century William Gladstone in one of his works, in the year 1876, about the so called "Eastern Question", said:
"Since the black day that Turks firstly appear in Europe they proved to be in their total as the most inhumane type of the humanity. Wherever they went, a wide line of blood followed their passage. Wherever their rule spread, the civilization disappeared. They everywhere represent the government of violence, against to every sense of justice".

The German writer of the 19th century, Johan Pilfer from Nuremberg, declared towards every direction that: "Turks are the worst enemy of the humanity."

The Jew-Turk sightseer of the 17th century Evlia Tselebi, describes, as an ocular witness, the occupation of the Persian town Tavride by Turks (1634):
"After Tavride were occupied , they made all the people slaves and demolished all the houses, not leaving a stone on a stone. They all became rich, to the last soldier, from the pillage. In Murat's order the army entered the famous park of Sabani, they demolished all the kiosks, burnt all the trees and destroyed all the vegetation to the point that one couldn't see any trace of cultivation like if this happy field was never cultivated since the Adam's days".

George Horton, Consul General of the U.S.A in Smyrna during the periods 1911-1917 and 1919- 1922, writes :
"Immediately after the voting of the Constitution, the first step of the ruling Turkish race was to strengthen their superiority with suppression measures, even with killings. Turks at the same time, decided to force all the non Turkish races to become Ottomans in language, in laws, in customs and tradition....The new Turks never indented to give equal freedom to all the races that had the misfortune to depend on their mercy."

The Armenian historian Vakn Nantrian writes:
"Armenians were killed with knives, swords, axes, and hammers, by the Turkish soldiers and paramilitaries in order to save munitions.. Some were massy thrown in the Black sea and the Euphrates river which overflowed so much, from the women's and children's corps, that changed current. Tens of thousands of Armenians were burnt alive in stables."

The Turk general Mehmet Behim Passa said:
"In the whole Islamic history can not be found similar cruelty."

The Austrian Consul in Turkey in his telegram addressed to his minister on the foreign affairs, Baron Fon Bourian, on 30/11/1916 mentioned that:
"On the 26th of November Refet Beis (Turk minister on the foreign affairs) confessed to me that: "We must completely destroy Greeks like we did with Armenians."

The western priest J. Lepsius, wrote on the 31st of July 1915:
"The anti Hellenic and anti Armenian expulsions of Greeks and Armenians were two stages of the same programme of extortion of the Christian population of Turkey".

date=4 Nov 2007
God Bless you, your site is wonderful and informative. History must be told, written, in every way possible, whenever possible. Unfortunately Turks do not have the class and decency to admit what happened and sincerely (hopefully sincerely) offer a hand in friendship to their neighbors on all sides, not just Greeks, for now and the future. DO TURKS REALIZE HOW RIDICULOUS THEY LOOK BY TRYING TO DENY THEIR ANCESTORS' ATROCITIES? It seems that their barbaric and aggressive mentality has not changed at all. It seems that their plan is to gradually saturate Europe. With 15 children per family this won't take long at all, after all, they are so directed by the Koran.

country=north cyprus
date=2 Nov 2007
i think that the greeks should just get out of the country...

name=John D
date=6 Oct 2007
Arm the Spirit, 1 December 1996
A Turkish deputy from Tansu Ciller's True Path Party (DYP) yesterday revealed that Turkish paramilitary organizations are responsible for arson fires in Greece's islands while, at the same time, an article published in the pro-government Turkish daily "Yeni Safak" provocatively boasted in its title:
"We Burned Rhodes."
According to the DYP deputy Sedat Bucak, the perpetrator of these fires was Abdullah Chatli, the leader of the extremist group "Grey Wolves". Chatli was recently killed in a notorious car accident in Turkey which brought to light the relations between Turkish mafia and the government.
These revelations came to confirm reports the Greek authorities already had in their hands, according to which, the fires that have devastated the Greek islands every summer were an actof arson performed by specially-trained forces of Turkish agents.
Mr. Papandreou pointed out that these disclosures by themselves constitute a criminal act which, in conjuction with Ms. Ciller's statements ("it is an honor for those who shoot for Turkey"), should trouble the international community.

name=avanes hovsepian
date= 13 Sep 2007
keep up the good work.proud of your work in putting together this great site. we are all with you. long live the united and strong orthodox nations. Unity is the source of all strength against our enemies.

name=sakire dogan
date= 13 Sep 2007
you're a racist fucking pig.

date= 1 Sep 2007
Glory to Jesus Christ!
I don't know your name, but I want to express to someone who loves Greece my sorrow for the tragic flames devouring much of Greece. It seems impossible to believe that more than 300 fires started in 3 days by accident, or Greek arson, and not by terrorists, yet this is what the environmentalists and the socialist party say.
It seems the terrorists have resented Constantinople's use of "Greek fire" for the last 500 years. They would use this low tech arson as a method of revenge.
It also seems the socialists want to let the Moslems destroy Christianity, and the Christian West; then, they will exterminate the Moslems with a brutal genocide

date= 9 Aug 2007
What a wonderful site!!! I was reading with great thirst and crying at the same time. Thank you to all the people who had an input in creating it. Please continue the wonderful work. I love the photos the historical information. My grandparents, from my mothers side where born and brought up in Izmir (my grandfather) and Antalya (my grandmother).
My father Italian, born in Izmir (when the Italians had sent army there in 1919?)His mother was Greek his father Italian.
Wow! so much history so much to learn.

In 1989 I visited Turkey Antalya and Izmir with my mother as she really wanted to conncect with her roots. She also spoke Turkish as that was the spoken language used at home in Greece. Her grandmother spoke very little greek but these greeks were definitely more greeks than the mainland Greece.
I recall very vividly the first time I saw Antalya and Izmir the feeling was overwhelming. Speechless and then again so many things go through your mind. Very emotional.
Continue with promoting this site and teaching the world of what happened to all those Greeks in Micra Asia, Pontos, Armenia etc. I would love to hear from anyone from a Micra Asia background especially Antalya or Izmir.
As I was reading some of the comments on this forum I could not help by getting angry with a few. This web page may seem as one side by a few but regardless of politics and who is right who is wrong, the reality is people were killed,loved ones were lost and never returned. My granparents always refered to Micra Asia as "H Patrida mou" (my country). In 1922 they left everything behind and went to a place Greece which they were really not wanted or welcomed by the Mainland Greece. They were REFUGEES do not forget that. But these refugees taught so many things to these people. How to eat, how to live! I am so proud of these people who left everything behind. The Greek Cypriots are in the same boat. Politics aside you are talking about people who can never have their houses or memories back for what ever the reason behind it is. This web page is not one sited as ordinary people are viewing it also adn making comments from things they heard from their own people.
Yia sou Dalara!!!!The only man who can sing and tell the story of our ancestors with so much PATHOS!!!

name=Louise Brown
date= 1 Aug 2007
I am a great descendent of the Byzantium empire my ancester Richard youngest member of the Palaeogus family exiled in Sexagallia moved to Italy in 1480 It is believed Richard took the name of Colnet and came to England in 1520. It has not been proven, they settled on the Isle of Wight. My ancester changed his name to Colenutt.

country=Vardaska - Sqopia
date=31 July 2007
File re pedimu
I can see that ou hate us Macedonians , but let me tell you Alexander was not Greek either... Macedonians were with white skin , and you greeks are dark as chocolatte...
"The famous Alexander Sarcophagus (also known as the Sarcophagus of Sidon, dating from 310 BC and presently in the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul) depicts Macedonians as having White skin, fair hair and blue eyes" Aleksandar Makedonski can't be the first greek emperor when he conquered Greece...
"On August 2, 338 BC, the Macedonians defeated the Greeks at Chaeronea in central Greece and conquered their country. On the battlefiled they erected an impressive sculpture of a proud-standing lion. The same lion sculpture is also found in the Macedonian city of Amphipolis."

date=29 July 2007
GEA SOU ego ziya kkali Trapezous surmena . Keske faz la konusa bilsem ama sadece en iyi olan turkcem ve unutmak istediimde bu turkce bana ana dilimi geri verin yardm edin ailem gibi olmak istemiyorum utanyorum onlardan neden turklere benzemek zorundatm yardm edin dedelerim gibi olmama yardm edin onlar elleda konusan insanlard ben neden burada az boz pontiyaka ve turkce konusup zaman kaybedeyim ltfen ruhban olmama yardm edin arnmam ve bu insanlardan kurtulmama yardm edin parakalo ... !

date=7 May 2007
Both my parents' roots are from Pontos. The pain I feel for my grandparents' and great grandparents' suffering is immense, and to some, maybe unusual. Because both of my parents are pontii, I was lucky enough to have been raised with pontiaka spoken in our I have some knowledge of the language. But I yearn for complete knowledge of it. I know that at the present time there is now dictionary of the language...and feel that one day, it is vital for one to exist for the coming generations.
Thank you.

date=6 May 2007
Turkish Muslims actually enjoyed massacring the Christians The burning of the Greek city of Smyrna and the massacre and scattering of its three hundred thousand Christian inhabitants is one of the most poignant among the vast outrages of the Muslim oppression of a subject Christian population.
When the Turks attacked, the Greek Orthodox Bishop Chrysostomos remained with his flock. "It is the tradition of the Greek Church and the duty of the priest to stay with his congregation," he replied to those begging him to flee. The Moslem mob fell upon him, uprooted his eyes and, as he was bleeding, dragged him by his beard through the streets of the Turkish quarter, beating and kicking him. Every now and then, when he had the strength to do so, he would raise his right hand and blessed his persecutors. A Turk got so furious at this gesture that he cut off his hand with his sword. He fell to the ground, and was hacked to pieces by the savage mob. The carnage culminated in the burning of Smyrna, which started on September 13 when the Turks put the Christian quarter to torch and the conflagration engulfed the city.
The Turks have committed atrocities against other minorities as well, The Tower of skulls of Chele Kula, is a monument to the Turkish savagery against the Serbs in the early 1800s. Muslim perfidy was seen in 1571, the Island of Cyprus was threatened by the Ottomans, who cruelly massacred the garrisons of Famagusta and Nicosia, in spite of these towns having surrendered on the stipulated terms. Lesson: Never Trust a Muslim. The Quran calls on him to practice deception (Taqiya) against non-Muslims.
History of Jihad

name=Nikos Lemopulos
date=3 January 2007
Paidia poli wreo kai sosto to sitesas. EImai kapoios omogeneis Ellinas enas apo tous poli ligous tis lene Niko. den exw psaxksei akoma olokliro to site epeidi exei poli yliko.
date=29 December 2006
Thank you for this poignant website. Please remember that the Pope was contending with the fomenting protestant rebellion during this period, and so was unable to muster more than a few Italians to aid the great City. I pray for the restoration of the Hagia Sophia, and all the churches of Constantinople. God bless you.
date=13 December 2006
subject=Posting to site: from George Mougios
In 1970, I and my wife to be, Ellen Ann, who died in 2002, visited Greece. It was the year of the Order of Ahepa's National Convention.

date=9 December 2006
what alot of bull shit dude.....

name=Aleksandr Shumsky
date=22 November 2006
Dear friends,
I saw your web site dedicated to the byzantine empire.
There are some wonderful photos too..
Last month I have been to Constantinople with my brothers and we visited many holy places and churches there. I could imagine what a great and beautiful city it was.

date=1 September 2006
beautiful pictures and music, thank you

name=Erato Paris
date=16 August 2006

name=george lazarides
date=16 August 2006
....talking about the so called "SMYRNI CATASTROPHE" let us bear in mind that the one who runs off a city has many reasons to burn it than the one who takes it up!!!

date=8 August 2006
Turkey in the European Union, certainly not, never never, never, JAMAIS!

date=22 June 2006
Excellent and significant facts about Muslim oppression and especially about the vulgar and violent Turks. Important and excellent site!
To the Muslim Turks who don't like to deal with the truth about themselves: It is hard apparently because you are so brainwashed by that horrible cult figure Mhamed you believe in but you need to face the truth and repent.

name=Ouke Stinos
date=30 May 2006
The average modern Pontian is a divided soul, forced to move from nation to nation, wondering who he really is. Muslim or Christian, a Pontian is of Greek origin and of a proud race. By creating false divisions along religious lines, greek and turkish nationalists carved up the communities and weakened the solidarity of the once united Pontian people. Only then was it possible for Kemal and the youngturks to launch a crime of Genocide against Christian Pontians during WW1.
Nowdays, we Pontian people in the Black sea cities and all over Turkey possess unity with our displaced Christian brothers in Greece and strengthen once more a United Voice to save our common culture from oppression and barbarism. It is with this one belief that we put into action the uniting of all Pontian Cultural Societies and Organizations in and outside of Pontos (Moslem and Christian) into a Government in Exile for all the Pontian people.
Thank you for providing us the documentation. So, Brothers let us unite and fear no more! With the help of European Union which Turkey will soon be part of,
Long live Unity and Pride, Democracy, Respect and our Human Rights!

name=Aboud George Shamoun
date=26 May 2006
i've read the website of yours and i admire the way you want to show the facts.
i respect your efforts.i would like to know if you are Greek, Armenian, or Syriac?
am a Syriac descendent with a Syrian Nationality.24 years old.
there is one thing i found in the internet i would like to show u:
"When the Byzantine empire adopted the resolutions of the council of Chalcedon in 451, they began to oppress those who rejected these resolutions - first and foremost the members of the Syrian church. The church fathers and the believers had to endure various agonies like bans, killings and incarceration. Many of them, both clergy and laity, gained martyrdom.
Justinius I carried out one of these oppression against the members of the Syrian, Coptic and Armenian churches after his ascension to the Byzantine throne in 518 A.D. Because of that Patriarch Severius the Great was forced to make his way to Egypt. There he lived for 20 years and led the church through his representatives and letters." this paragraph from the website i attached.
the point is, if it wasn't for the persecution of the Byzantine church against other churchs which used to live in the Byzantine state, Islam wouldn't have spread for more than Arabia. but since the Byzantine church did what the Turks did to us all, the Syriac and Armenian church wanted to get relieved of the persecution of the Byzantine church so they didn't really oppose the Islamic conquers. otherwise, if the Byzantine church was friendly to others they would have deffended the Byzantine church.
anyway, the past is gone, i don't have no hard feelings to nobody, i just wanted to show my point of view. and i know that Islam in general brought us many problems, but we shouldn't blame muslims for what they do, cause they follow thier doctrine, so they don't find themselves mistaken. but we should judge Christians(Byzantine and others) who committe such deeds against thier doctrine of love, so they bring themselve disasters.
i will be glad to hear your respond.

name=tolgay ylmaz
date=25 May 2006

name=okan sayilgan
date=21 May 2006
What the fuck are you doing you morons.we have been enemy becouse of the sucker englishmen.[loyd george&churchıll (1915-1922)- james callaghan(1974)] we are neighbour and we have to be friends. we have to unit against fucking usa and uk.They've never wanted turkey and greece to be friends.and we have being faked since years. wake up.we were faked by several sonofthebitches-makiros, kissinger, callaghan,churchill,loyd george,kitchener.what did you study in history lessons?

date= 5 May 2006
You always write bad things abaut Turkish People. Why? Are you still fear from us?Are you still fear from your incapablelity in the history? One day please come to Turkey.When you meet Turkish People you will be shy from your words and your opinions. You are always speaking about Turkish people but you never try to recognize us. What a pitty for you...I am Turkish and my best friend is Armenian.You always speak bad things BECAUSE YOU ONLY READ THE BOOKS.But in Turkey we live the best things.You are speaking and we are living. That is the difference from you and us!!!!!

date= 5 May 2006
19 may

date= 5 May 2006
subject=The Ethnic Components of Modern Turkey
I was wondering considering all the Greek, Armenian and other Christian women and children the Turks took as their wives and kidnapped and brainwashed, how much of the population of Turkey is of Greek or Armenian descent and how much are of mongoloid Turk descent? Because when you see a modern Turk they often times don't look distinctly mongoloid.

country=The Netherlands
date= 5 May 2006
You Greeks are so pathetic, always you make the Turks barbaric, you just can't handle the truth that the Turks are beter than the Greeks, so stop bieng so noobish, so stfu unless you have something usefull too say. And dont forget what the Greeks did 2 the Turks, so if youre telling a story tell the whole story, and not such a pathetic one where u Greeks look like a victim

name=ali sinan bektas
date= 2 May 2006
I am writing you from ankara. I just happenned to see your webpage. I appreciate that you try to do something about your history but you can not give misinformation. First of all, 19th of May is the day (of 1919) when Ataturk arrived to Samsun (a northern city in Turkey) to start the indepence movements (guess against whom? and guess what? Armenians were also on the turkish side until the greeks occupied Izmir and then most if the armenians changed their side to greek part and started to fight against Turkish people that they were living together since 14th century). So 19th of May has nothing to do about the day of Pontian genocide. Considering Viscount Bryce, he follows as `turks wants to cleanse their country from the christian elements. If that would be true, they already could have done that much much time before when the ottoman empire was very strong and powerful.
I would like to draw your attention to this point. I believe Lord Bryce (Viscount Bryce) was very very politician because he is known here for his report indicating that it had nothing to do with the Genocide. so if I were you I wouldnt rely on Viscount Bryce a bit. anyway, no one is in denial of what happened 80 years ago but we may call it past. dont you think its so weird that no one says anything about armenian occupation in Azerbajcan territory? (very strong lobby you have all around the world.) thats all by now. take care and leave this topic to historians....

name=Mark Smith
date= 25 April 2006
The Turks were always barbarians. They will never be civilized. They will be always complexes people and afraid they will loose one day their country to the people this country owned before.

name=Dimitrios Panagiotidis
date= 22 April 2006
I will write this in Greek so our Turkish "friends" can also understand.
It is more than obvious, it is crystal clear that the educational system in Turkey, the military and the pseudo-democratic government have managed since 1922 to produce scores and scores of people that beleive they are a great, noble, heroic, pacifist nation that has existed for thousands of years and will continue to exist in order to fulfill some glorious and devine mission that will benefit humanity.

It is truly amazing but only Turkey and Turkish people could have achieved this: A so distorted depiction and interpretation thus understanding of historic facts that -at the same time- has been passed down to generations in the most effortless way.

I really take my hat off to Kemal Ataturk. He took a mob of hapless people and through lies, propaganda, a dictatorial regime and a very galloping imagination transformed them into a nation. A nation that has no past, no ties with an ancient civilization that contributed something even small to humanity. A nation that since 1922 has selectively denied parts of the Ottoman history but promotes others. A nation that claims Homer was a Turk. A nation that says ANADOLU and translates it as the mother land but ignores the fact that the word comes -again- from the Hellenic word ANATOLIA which means Eastern. Because this territory was the Eastern part of the Hellenic people. Even Istanbul, these people named their capital (till 1922 or '23, not sure) off of a Greek expression. How pathetic. Even Smyrna was called Izmir because this is how the miserable Turks heard the Greeks say it: I Zmirni" (I type it phonetically).

It is unfortunatly a historic fact that brute force, barbarism, the "butcher philosophy" will ultimately overwhealm, overtake and conquer kindness, nobleness, reason. See what happens with even USA today. A bunch of cowboys trying to lasso the entire world. They are not content they have destroyed the indigenous populations in America now they want to expand. Turkey is acting in a similar way. They know only one way: Aggression backed by fielthy diplomacy.

It is a shame. What can you say other than: - God help us!!!

name=Helen Nance
country=United States
date= 17 April 2006
Your graphics are great. I was doing some research on the Lord Byron and the War of Independence and came across your web site. It is impressive!

name=Alexis Ugolini
date= 17 April 2006
Congratulation for your website.

date= 10 April 2006
I've been doing research about the fall of Byzantine and Ottoman Empires with a view to writing a book. Emperor Constantine XI Dragases will feature prominently in my book.

date= 20 March 2006
date= 15 March 2006

date=6 March 2006
suggestions=After Turks took back Symrna, why would they burn their own assets? I think the author was so biased that he destroyed his own credibility with outrageous claims.

date=5 March 2006
Great website very informative.

date=26 Feb 2006
just count the population of turks, and the people that know their history. there was somebody from UK, talking about secret documents, and that all is lie about genocide especially armenian. you are the one that know nothing about history and religion too! first of all you know nothing about religion, you can have none, or somebody elses with no problem. its like to have no name, or take your neighbors name:) before talking about history and document, check the just the newspapers of 1915 or 1916. like you read todays and yesterdays news, they used to read too, and what do the papers write? just search for armenian writers and doctors biographies and check the date and year of their death. read about hitler!!!!!! and turks!
where do the original turks come from? how did they make a big country? what do you think will the future be of europe and any other country and england too! before talking about greeks mr englishman!!! what about your country...? you always hate your neighbors which are Your people!!!! you give different name to your own country :) and last but not least....
i will not talk only about my grandma! but others... some old people, what do they remember, what do they tell, most of them never knew why their families were killed... it was just a surprise.... like the one in budapest, when the fucking turk killed his armenian classmate!!
what did he use? an axe? why? does it always have to be torture? can i kill a turk today and be famous? or is it only turks killing and being nice? you know why we will not know the history? because the turks destroy the armenian remains in that land now! how do you want to find the history if its derstroyed by animals?
BTW why did and untill now does your muhamed hide his face? was he uglu or shy? :) if muslims really respect their religion, why do they eat pork and drink alcohol! HARAM the mass exterminatione of human beings---if 1000000 turk were killed, there would still be 70 000 000 left! if 1.5 million armenians killed- 1.5 million is left! what do you call that? i am sorry we dont have children in the streets and in poor families, 12 or 20 of them. we have kids on good families and educated.. we have 2 or 3. and grow fast too! but they are useless, arent they?

date=21 Feb 2006
suggestions=I think that your site is done very well. I read some of the comments and I would just like to say that
1. Istanbul is a bastardization of "stean poli" which the Turks would over hear the Greeks saying which means "in the city" or "to the city", so Istabul derived from a Greek expression was easier to say than Konstaninopoli, for the Turks.
2. How can any people take any pride in living, and occupying a city they themselves did not found,build, or create. It's beyond me.
3. The Greeks not only colonized Asia Minor, they also colonized France, Italy, Ukraine etc.. but you don't here them making those facts an issue. Hmmmm? I wonder why?
4. It took 400 years to regain their indepeance because they had to do it themselves, w/ practically no outside help.
5. We're talking about a civilazation(w/ many ages and epocs) that has exsisted since the dawn of civilization 4000 B.C or there abouts.
6. Never in the known history of the Greeks did they conquer peoples or subjagate them, indeed, even Alexander, who fought through the Orient, only fought to stay the hostile Orientals, (Persia). The Greeks , to this day, have always lived in harmony and peace in forgien lands(except among themselves).
7. Their civilization gave an infinite amount more of humaniity and the good things of life, dare I say, than most every other culture combined.
That being said, I would like to wish all Greeks of all time,the thanks of the ages and to give you the well diserved support your people need and must have.

name=Dimitra Moore
date=18 Feb 2006
Dear Friends,
Please accept my warmest congratulation for the Agia Sofia site! However, I believe, the music is NOT appropriate, to cover the sites religious theme. I strongly believe, Byzantine Music is the ONE and ONLY Music to alleviate the Cristian spirit, while navigating through the Wonderful Agia Sofia website.

date=18 Feb 2006
suggestions=Great job on this site.I am a very very proud pontion.And all this site did was make me thrilled that the pontios name will never be forgotten.

name=Deniz Ertug
date=11 Jan 2006
Hello, I just saw your website and i wanted to remind you of something. The Greek independence war was made against the Ottomans not against Turks. Turks came to power until after the Greeks and other Balkan nations separated from the empire. From the beginning, in the Ottoman Empire being a "Turk" meant being someone who is unable to understand and someone from the low levels of society. So the Ottomans always humiliated the Turkish nation.
So in historical terms you shouldn't use "Turk" during the Greek independence war. During the 1919-1922 Greek-Turkish war you can use it because the people who fought with Greeks were actually Turks or people who were considering themselves Turks. I hope you will consider this slight but important nuance between the periods of history.
Thank you,

name=Ulrich Walter Stger
date=3 Dec 2005
Congratulations to your great website. Especially the photos of Hagia Sophia (Constantinopel) are wonderfull.

date=8 Nov 2005

date=8 Nov 2005
make war agains the turks!take back your homelands!!!!
athenians, spartans, ionians!!!!!!
take back what used to be yours
we need another great greek empire!!!
builed your military take on the turks conquer them!!
See how they like it
make another great greek ampire!!plzzzzzzzzzzz
rise from the shadows that have befallen you!!! greece is never mentioned in the news!!! make an empire

country=USA Florida
date=5 Nov 2005
suggestions=So true. Current American government is corrupt, arrogant, unjust, and stupid. Excellent site!

date=1 Nov 2005
I live in Japan and I am very interested in Byzantine history, culture, and so on. I have seen your homepage with interest.

date=1 Nov 2005
you are not honest. it was history. how could you know what happen that time? how come turks were barbanians? as i know turks did not kill anyone after byzantine surrendered.

name=Ayse Unal
date=15 Oct 2005
It is amazing how much hate and mal information stand time, anyway, you have a nice archive of graphical material, and would like to thank for that. For your ideas... what can anyone say, my grandparents left all that was theirs in Greece in 1925, when Greek neighbours warned them that they were going to be massacred next day... My grandmother received a family of guests, previous owners of her house- Greeks of course, in Turkey, every year (always prepared them the most delicious cherry liqueur). But then it is a fact, past is usually bloody, filled with unsightly truths, forget, let's not, but breed hate, do we really need to? And yes, none of us can claim history is objective, but does it have to be bent so far, for seemingly racist reasons???? regards,

name=Constantine XI
country=the Roman Empire
date=13 Oct 2005
Turks are barbaric slaughtering monsters... on the other hand though they are just greeks who have been muslimiified..they should not be allowed to join the EU till they give back my city(constantinople) and their current holdings in Europe

date=27 Sept 2005
suggestions=greeks were rapist in the past and so what if we defeated the greeks and raped them and their women, we ruled them

name=Abdullah Kocadayi
date=29 July 2005
suggestions=Yo dude, totally wrong, I do not know where to start. The lies from genocide to the WWI made up things. Well, good job in making up so much, good falsefying the documents. Give me ten minutes with my laptop, and I can assure you to come up with as much non-sense as you did. That is not a problem, dude. Be honest, how about the Turks living in West-Thrace??? They still have no minority rights which fall under the EU constitution etc. How about the freedom? The Turks in West-Thrace do not have that either, in Greece, my man. When you stop faking documents and changing history, drop me a message, alright? Cool webpage, full of lies, loving it, awesome... did you come up with those lies or did a teacher of yours help you with that?
Peace out

date=18 July 2005
suggestions=Yes the Armenian Genocide did happen and yes the Turkish government will continue to deny it.
#1 For those of you who want to know why we can not let the past go away it is because it is not the past when you grandparents don't know their true age because of the Genocide. It is not the past when your family tree was cut in half in 1915 and you do not know what your true family name is. And no it is not the past when you grandparents tell you stories of how they saw their family raped and murdered. And why is it we can't forget because Turkish Government and most of the Turkish people still denies the truth as you can see from all of the postings.
#2 You want us to forget the past so that it can happen again here is what Hitler said before he started Murdering and Raping innocent Jewish families. In 1939 Adolph Hitler ordered his death units to proceed in the Nazi Genocide campaign stating, "After all, who today remembers the extermination of Armenians?"
#4 This is a very nice site but I think you should talk about ALL the Genocides, Holocaust and Crimes Against humanity all over the world like Cambodia, Darfur, Rwanda, and many more.
#5 The only way to Prevent Genocide, Holocaust and crimes against humanity is to educate people on what happened it the past to prevent it from happening in the feature.
#6 And finally the Armenian and Greek people are very forgiving people we don't want to blame the current Turks of what their grandparents did but we need the currant Turks to tell the World what they already know the Truth.

Subject=Excellent website
date=13 July 2005
Dear friend:
I think you've done a fantastic job with your website.Please keep up the great work and update it as you see fit. Thank you.
John Theo

name=Mirko Dumanovic
date=30 June 2005

date=18 June 2005
The Ottoman Archives were opened...The whole world know the truth anymore...No need to say anything more... A Turkish person

name=Elif Zapsu
date=1 June 2005
Perhaps you should realize that while you are criticizing Turkey and turkish people of being racist...while simultaneously at the present moment giving a horrifying example of should learn the meaning and change your website by adding the turkish point of view...and not being biased. LET me help you on that account, Turkey built a big monument dedicated to the foreign deaths at Gallipoli. The inscription on our memorial comes from a speech written after Gallipoli by Kemal Ataturk, of Turkey:
"Those heroes who shed their blood and lost their lives, you are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore, rest in peace. You, the mothers who sent their sons from far away countries, wipe away your tears, your sons are now lying in our bosoms and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they become our sons as well."
Yes I can see how we sound so "barbaric".

name=Robert M Hammond robertthepastor@JUNO.COM
date=15 May 2005
I want to learn how *many* Greeks were murdered by the Turks from 1914-1922.

name=Cewat Cewat
date=9 May 2005
I have read this script about the fall of Constantinople(Istanbul since 29th May of 1453) And maybe because I am a Turk i found it ridiculous and exaggerated.....First of all We are not the only nation which raped killed and looted... Did'nt you rape kill loot andtorture before?That sounds funny you magnified the heroism of your nation you write and narrate your nation as a peaceful,heroic and civilised one.And you narrate us like Barbarians...Who were the true barbarians when you(Byzantium) blinded 10.000Bulgarian soldiers Turks or Greeks?
Or during the WWI when you peaceful monks invaded the Western side of Turkiye(Istanbul,Bursa,Izmr...), who were the barbarians Turks or Greeks?During this time who were the rapist arsonist and the murderer?Let me answer I think you peaceful monks were the true barbarians that behaved in the most barbaric and cruel way.And you are the peaceful ones those who support terroristic organisation of PKK who killed from babies in the cradle to old people.....So where is your peace and intelligence now,is it lost in the ruins of Constantinople?Why you always deny the truth and cover it with lies I really am not sure about the historians who narrated the the past but i think most of them were just stupid liers.
And you peacful monks always repeat "the best Turk is the dead one"that sounds intelligent(!!!!!) that I really wanna see you attacking on my country because after this,the Greek nationalists who prefer to hide themselves than dying in a proud way in a proud defense or assault,will go on to tell stories,lies to provoke their children to upheavel.....and the one who fights brave will live in the gained land proudly. By the way don't think that i hate Greeks i don't hate anyone because of naitionality I only have the rights to defend my believes as you have the right to defend yours In the name of my Beloved Religion my Nation and the Martyrs who died for any and both of them...

name=iso b -
date=20 April 2005
well what can i say, i look on google to research some school work and once again another GREEK website again HATING on the turkish people again.I have noticed alot now, that greek people really dont want to forget about the past do they, some people on these sites needs to back up there lies i got plenty of archives to prove alot of your lies all WRONG especially armeninan genocide which didnt even exist, everyone will see in 5 years because TURKEY HAS OPENED THE SECRET ARCHIVES THAT TELL THE TRUTH, NOT THE ARCHIVES THAT THE ARMENINENS GOT FROM CHURCHILLS PROPOGANDA LIES!!!!!! AND THE FUNNY THING THE AUTHOR ADMITTED THEM ARCHIVES CHURCHULL MADE WAS ALL PROPOGANDA!!!! and next the cyprus talk, seriously i find you really funny because at the end of the day, if the turks wasnt in the island the greeks would of been killing each other TURKEY BROUGHT PEACE TO THE ISLAND NOT JUST SEPERATED IT..BUT BROUGHT LIBERTY IN THE SOUTH FROM A LEADER THAT WAS A COOMONIST LEADER (cant remember his name ) BUT I RESPECT THE GREEKS I KNOW ALOT OF GREEKS IN ENGLAND BUT THEY FORGOTON THE PAST YOU PEOPLE NEED TO CHANGE SERIOUSLY, oh yeah and forgot the ideas of getting land back thats not goin to happen everyone knows 1. you cant, 2. to scared to, 3. no one will let you..... if you think you know alot about the histories talk 2 me on msn beacuse i like a good talk about the TRUTH! take care people and peace not hating

name=Skoric CCCC
date=4 April 2005
Great site....good job to the creators of it :)

date=26 March 2005
Constantinople suggestions=A lot of Turks who commented here sound like retarded ,mindless animals.This is because you marry your sisters,& first cousins.Muhhamadanism has brought Satan in your actions ,take the only one who matters in your heart,the Lord Savior Jesus,Islam is the tool of Satan.Stop you incest ,so the future Turks (all Muhhamadans too) can cleanse themselves of retardation.Admit your sins & follow Christ, not the devil Muhhamad,so the west & Russia does'nt make you nuclear waste in the upcomming armegeddon.

date=24 March 2005
The Denial of Genocide is a form of aggression. It continues the process of genocide. It strives to reshape history in order to rehabilitate the perpetrators and demonize the victims. It prevents healing of the wounds inflicted by genocide. Denying genocide is the final stage of genocide-it murders the dignity of the survivors and destroys the remembrance of the crime. In US we don't all think and act like our corrupted politicians and their media. We remember the cristian genocide commited by Ottomans.

date= 23 March 2005
suggestions=I love your site

name=Daniel Beaulieu -
date= 10 March 2005
Great site
Thank you for making this great site about Constantinople, and the history of the Byzantine empire. I really enjoyed it, and of all the information I have read about the byzantine emperors yours is by far the deepest, most sites just tell the names and major accomplishments of the emperor, but you also tell the personality and much more personal information as well as what the public thought of the emperor.
Great job and keep up the good work :)

name=iskender -
date= 7 March 2005
Some people are speaking about noncense that some parts of Turkey belongs to Greece or Armenia,hey you are really funny people. This is saying of some people who did not know the history of last 1000 years. Just try to realize that Turkish states of this historical period were able to survive and to give life and be an unbrella of many nationalities and religions that were not able to live together. This was able thanks to the power of Turkish justice,arm and soul to rule people.Just say Thanks for your being becouse it is just becouse we allowed.
We had enough time to do assimilation but we did not do this for many years while we could do eveything. We have the right as everyone to save all our being and we will use this right. So former Constantionpolis now is Istanbul for 552 years is it true? Of course you can not stop the evolution. Survive only the strongest! For last 1000 years we survive and we are going to survive, so we are also the future host of this Land that we call ANADOLU-Matherland...Sorry, only try to be our friend becouse being our enemy would not give you future....
date=22 Feb 2005
Many thanks for your beautiful site.As a Byzantinist I have long wanted to see a photograph of the Kerkoporta and the St Romanus Gate. With kind regards
Thomas Ward

name=mert yurtsever -
date=10 Feb 2005
suggestions=Istanbul name is Istanbul, not Konstantinopoli or Konstantinoupolis
Who thinks that there were genocides from Turks to others !! I can also provide you evidences that there were genocides against Turks by Armenians, etc. Leave that subject out. There were wars, and they have been done ! Finished, and the world map is there ! If you have problems to claim the borders back, go and find a place to complain about the Turks, or borders... Turks, Greeks, Armenians, Kurds, and all lived in peace since ages here in these lands. And if you live them alone they will continoue to live !
And Istanbul name is Istanbul, not Konstantinopoli or Konstantinoupolis. This site is propaganda.

name=Sergiu Amarandi -
date=4 Feb 2005
Your sites about Eteria with revolution pictures are WONDERFUL. I appreciate very much its.

Name=Nikos -
date=4 Feb 2005
suggestions=To the webmaster and others.
I am a Greek living in Denmark
I am personally very impressed by your website. I personally understand your feelings.
I have been in Turkey, have seen my ancestor's graves in: Sisli Run Ortodoks Mezarligi and in: Balikli Rum Ortodoks Mezarligi in Konstantinopoli. Seen the vandalism specialy in the Balikli cemetery. I have seen Agia Sofia and believe me, I cried.
I traveled in too Turkey, in Kappadokia, to see the places of my ancestors back in history, and I cried. I do not have any personal experience with those horrors that took place there. But I have a feeling of a very big loss.
The feeling of bitterness and the feeling of reposition of the lost territories and glories are in my mind, too. But I know, and am sure you know as well, that those feeling are destructive and counterproductive. It is my experience that the majority of common people in the West do not know even the name of Byzantium much less they know of the Greek tragedy. I believe that some how is a collective amnesia and refusal of guild. They do NOT understand those feelings.
As for the Turks, they know even less dew to propaganda and the twisting of history.
I am a humanist. I am old enough to know that "ism" is and have been the root of all evil in the world.
I am not nave neither pacifist, action I will take if it is necessary.
I have a dream that same day in the future a liturgy will take place in Agia Sofia.
How is that possible you may ask?
I believe that it is possible through education, prosperity, understanding, forgiveness and wisdom from and for all people in the region. It may take time but it is possible. I have not up to date seen any website with so much concentration of the events and horrors that took place back in time, it is very educational and I appeal to you to continue. But somehow I wish you could make the presentation less threatening for the Turks, more appealing to Westerners and to add a peaceful vision for the future. It is my experience that way we will gain more understanding, sympathy, support and positive brain activity from the readers and especially from the readers that really mater The Greeks and The Turks. If you, I, and other Greeks take that path nobody will accuse us of living in the dreams of the past glories but acknowledge that we work, without denying the facts of history, towards a goal for the peaceful coexistence of the different cultures in the region. That way we have all much do gain and nothing to loose.

date= 2 Feb 2005 9:50 pm
form1=Constantinople Suggestions
suggestions=What was your aim of creating this site? To make people understand Greek or to show them a bad picture of Turks?

name= Steven
date Thursday, January 27, 2005 2:16 PM
form1=Constantinople Suggestions
suggestions= Thousands of Greek ex-patriots second third & fourth genaration Greek Australian's all would agree to the greatest contribution to western civilization, our way of life freedom To be free by nature

name=rbudd -
date 12 Dec 2004
The empire of the turks fell because they defiled the Holy City of Constantinople

date 12 Dec 2004
i loved your site and i welcome u to view mine greek military photos

name =EROL SAVDA -
date 29 Nov 2004

date 23 Nov 2004
I very much am interested in history of people and the family and I should do so. In Russian there is not enough information.
I am from Trabezond, but there is a lot of information which I would want to know. 1. Where is the Platana? It is port to the west Trabezond, Therefrom mine the grandmother and the grandfather have left to Russia.
2. Whether there is there a Greek community where I could address with questions and where archives were probably kept?

name =Gizem Erol
date 21 Nov 2004
f the genocide that you're talking about was true, greeks wouldn't have been alive. Nazis killed 6 billions jewish in 6 years and greeks lived 400 years under ottoman controle. Don't you think that 400 years are enough to destroy all the greeks? f that was true the greek race would be only in the history books. You still speak your own language, you have your own culture don't forget that under french presure Alberia changed its language and now speaks french and all this things happened in a short time. You should be thankful that you're still christians, you're still alive. Another point that you missed is that Turkey didn't participate to the second world war so how can you say that Turkey was Nazis ally? i think that you don't have enough information about history.. f you mean the first world war, Adolf hitler wasn't in the scene so nazis weren't on the scene. They commited all crime in the second world war. think you say all the things that you may use against Turkey it isn't important if it's true or not.
Someone who has a very little knowlege in history will understand you lies which are really funny. Do you think that your speech is still reasonable after all the things that i said? i'm ready with proofs, every logical history book will be a proof. And the greeks are talking about capturing stanbul again it's funny too... n the first world war you tried to take west anatolia(zmir). Even all the turkish lands were under invasion of italian, french, english armies sorry but you couldn't make it your grandfathers are sleeping in peace under aegean sea. How do you imagine that you can make it now, it's much more difficult first of all it isn't fair; 15 billions vs 70 billions. Only thing that i may say that you shouldn't live with dreams there's nothing that you can do, you shouldn't tell lies just to show Turkey like guilty, history cannot be changed by someone who wants to use it to try to persuade people.f you have the courage 'm waiting for everything logical that you can prove

name = Peter Adamis
date 20 Nov 2004
This is an excellent site. However it is much one sided and political. Still history must be recorded and stories told so that they are not forgotten.

date 17 Nov 2004
name=willems ferdy
suggestions=I am looking for slides on Byzantine monasteries in Greece (Daphni, Ossios Loukas, Nea Moni, Mistras, Meteoira, etc. I had houdreds of them, but I lost them by accident
Date 20 Oct 2004
The Rape of Constantinople
Decending from the "Dynasty of the Komneni" and reading much of the last stand made by the Pontians in Trapezon, I read "The Last Hellene Emperor Constantine Palaeologus" on you site, through tears!
My greatest consolation is in the written word, the power to project the full truth of the sacrifice made by Byzantium in its pursuit of ancient ideals, the rights of common men. What caused the delay in recognition of the fact? Are we, any less than they were?
Read the speech at Opis in 324 BC known as ALEXANDER'S OATH given one year before his death to some 9,000 Greek and Asian Officers translated by His Excellency Nicholas Martis former Minister of Macedonia and Thrace.
Quoting Alexander the Great
Now that the wars are over, I wish you to find happiness through peace.
May all mortals live from now on in harmony, as one nation, for the sake of common prosperity.
Consider the world as your country, with common laws, governed by men of merit regardless of race.
I do not distinguish between Greeks and barbarians, as do the narrow minded.
I am not interested in the country or race of origin of people.
I only distinguish people according to their virtues.
To me every virtuous foreigner is Greek and each non-virtuous Greek is worse than a barbarian.
If you are ever faced with differences, do not resort to arms, but resolve them peacefully, if need be, I can act as your arbitrator.
God should not be viewed as an authoritarian ruler, but as our common father.
As for myself, I consider all persons, black or white as equals.
I wish you to be my partners and not just members of our commonwealth.
As far as I am able, I shall see to it that all my promises come true.
Regard this oath as a symbol of love.

Date: Tue Oct 19 22:27:39 2004
Name: Nectarios Petropoulos
Site Rating: 10
i loved ur site its really grate. Ive read over and over many times the fall of constantinople, and i have knowledge on this subject and i just want to bring out my out most respect, for being a true greek. Many greeks theses days dont know our history, and with turkey changing the name of Constantinople to Instabul, try to make us forget our claim to our land. Keep up the good work man, its will be ours again, real soon.
it just makes me real sad, that strangers, that have no clue on our greek history bash us and take the turkish sides. To think at least greeks brought democracy, phylosophie, mathematics and astronomy, what did turks bring, pani suffering, raps and baklava, wowwww. Its obvious that turks have only in there interest to bash us right back, but listen i read all the entries and from all the turks, i saw none of them with any serious comments on how Constantinopolis is theres. Some guy said like they have byzantine blood, and kurdish, hittites, ok, fine, hittites were in mid anatolia, neer the ankara borders, secondly let us not forget Byzantium is a ancient greek city, Troy was a ancient greek city, i dont see Turkish history at all in here.
Then some other person goes like o im sad that greeks killed 40 000 turks in Smyrna, ok, well buddy get ur facts straith , 1 million greeks , 1 million 500 000 armenians, and eighty thousand niceyrian! s were killed in smyrna, in that one day, compared to a misly 40 000 turks, plz, some other idiot goes like dont make us wake up because we will crush u, bla bla bla, thats all talk, everybody knows turks aint got nothing on us, we got all True Orthodox Nations backin us up, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Armenians, all the countries hurt from the massacares cause by turkey, they have our backs, just like we have theres in return. Then there some people thats are like we live in the past u lost it, get over it, Listen here , if u would loose it, if u had history for thousands of years on it, u woould just leave it go like that, not a word, tuck ur tail in beetween ur legs, u wouldint, thus the world gets angry when we stand up for each other, theres haters and lovers, many many many people and nations hate us , and our jelous, for being what they are not, a Nation with culture, glamour and history, when we speak, its out of fact, and we back up our arguments,
How can the world be so blind to what has happend, the americans seem to be like dumb she ep folowing there sheperd in any direction and the smart americans, are hushed, like Michael Moore, my point being that turkey gets aid from the united states only for personal benefit and interest, the states dont care for right or wrong, just worship Money, they would kill for a dollar, steal the poors only ressources just for them, Turkey sides with these kind of people, show me ur friend and ill tell u who u r, It has been prophisized that Constantinopolis will be ours again, and once it will, we will have done it more then just for us, for all the "Ponemenes Patrides ", for all the Hurts Nations that were hit by turkeys pleg, it will be a victory, for all the world, for hellenisim, for all orthodox nations, and for all nations who set goals, are perseverant, get hit and still keep going, When we get Constatinopolis, it will be a voice for the little guy, that speaks out to the goliath.

Date 17/10/2004
the writting off jesus christ

name=John Liriotakis
Date 7 Oct 2004
suggestions=Beautiful site, I am so proud of all our hero's and rebellious soldiers that gave their lives so that Hellas can be reborn. I Ellatha potai then paitenei!!!!

Fall of Constantinople
Mon, 13 Sep 2004 14:38:44 +0300
hsan ZGEN

hi webmaster
I am especially interested in the section related to the FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE it was the most detailed one I could ever find on the web.
is there any other resource depicting the case?

From an admirer of Greece and Hellenic culture from Paraguay
Wed, 1 Sep 2004 16:14:17 -0300

Hello Webmaster of the site "Photos of Constantinople, History of Byzantium",
My name is Paulino and I'm from Asuncion in Paraguay (South America). Although being from this far, I've always been a great admirer of the Hellenic culture since when I was a child my mama used to tell stories from the Iliad and the Odyssey or Alexander the Great.
From 1992 to 1994 I studied in Manchester and I met a lot of Turkish guys and I always used to tell them like joke but also from my heart that someday Istanbul would be Greek again and called again Constantinople. You bet they didn't like those jokes.
Only a few days ago I was deeply impressed by the inauguration and later the closing ceremony of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. I congratulate all Greeks for that magnificent event.
Right now I'm reading a book by Colleen McCullough and in one chapter she mentioned the Greek colonies of Pontos Euxinus like Sinope or Olbia, and the story of Mithridates from the Parthians. Therefore I began wishing to know what happen to those colonies. Of course I supposed they were obliterated by the Muslims. Then I looked for the word Sinope in Google and thus I came across your web page. As I read it I became a bit sad because I knew the truth about the genocide of the Greek people of the Pontos by the Turks (not very surprisingly since they were supervised by the Germans!).
Therefore I want to congratulate you for your excellent web site and may God bring prosperity to Greece and to Paraguay.
Thank you and goodbye,
Ing. Paulino Aguayo Rojas

Date: Thu Aug 19 13:39:24 2004
Name: brainless looser
as i view this site and read comments about it i just laugh and continue my work. but later i look at the photos of you, and nothing would ever made me angry but the one KEMAL .. the Butcher...
The only thing i have to say is ... "brainless looser" "god bless you... you from loose your mind..." "look at your own REAL history" "just that. no swears or bad words..."
be realistic...

this all a lie
Fri, 13 Aug 2004 08:35:33 -0700
"faizan abbasi"

Muslims never insult of dishonour anything even belong to their enemy, especially holy places, where ever they went they respected and gave freedom to practice non-muslims their religion. When ever crusaeds were launched christians did worst to muslims, they raped them, killed them, abolished mosques. It is the jewish media, upon how's support christians make such sites. They are jews who's money's christians are slaves.

Date: 12 Aug 2004
form1=CONSTANTINOPLE Suggestions
name=Florian Dafku
suggestions=U dumbass, albania was not allied to nazi, they were taken by the nazi, albos faught against the nazi in albania. U whoever made this website is a dumbass greek or Serbian that dont know shit, putin ur dumbass opinion. I should slap ya silly u opniated prick ass motherfucker. Got a problem with this shit email me at

Tue, 10 Aug 2004 22:28:14 +0300

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suggestions=1915, Armenian genocide
Just so you know the term genocide means the mass exterminatione of human beings... Due to the fact that Turkey did not exterminate them this is a false accusation and it is time that people stop refering to this tradegy as a genocide. Whether this is in an attempt to brew hate on the Turkish I think it is quite irrelevant. Sure they were executed but by no means where the whole Armenian race destroyed. Also dont focus on Turkey alone... There are many other countries which have commited much worse crimes. Your focus on Turkey is wrong. I am sorry if you have ancestors which have suffered through this but get your sources accurate before bursting in to fully biased opinions.

Date: Wed Aug 4 13:44:54 2004
Name: Y. Narganes
I have seen the site and think it is quite good. Constantinople was taken by brute force and its citizens, those who survived, had to live under a not very friendly turkish rule. Modern Turks can not expect christians to believe and feel that everything is fine and cozy in Turkey. History says otherwise. It is natural for a brutally displaced society to claim its rights. Things may never be the way they were in byzantine times but certainly they can not remain the way they are today.
Turkey HAS to deal with the greek rights to Constantinople as a christian seat. The Armenian and Kurdish people have been all but exterminated. Accepting these facts may bring Turkey and Christians together in the future.
One last thought: It is amazing to know that a large percent of the population of Turkey is composed of Greek people who now profes the Muslim faith. Understand that there is Greek, Armenian and Kurdish blood running in Turkish veins.

Date: Sun Aug 1 10:07:08 2004
Name: ali
Site Rating: 1
Comments: i would like to start with my first impression. this site is wholly racist. and the designers of this website are fully racist people. as a turkish i can strongly suggest you to come to turkey and see the hospitality of our people. besides justify your accusations. visit the website of to see the reality of armenian problem. see what they have done to our people. and i don't agree with the comments on your website. it is blanksheet there is nothing to see except the pure and foolish fantasies of ill-racist greeks.

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